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HP StorageWorks MPX200 10-1GbE Base Multifunction Router

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The MPX200 allows easy deployment of Virtual Machines. By supporting 300-600 iSCSI initiator connections to the EVA, each Virtual Machine can secure and manage its own LUNs. This ensures that existing storage management software and policies can be seamlessly maintained throughout the VM deployment.
MPX200 enables simultaneous FC and iSCSI connectivity to the EVA resulting in increased storage consolidation and utilization. Using MPX200, hundreds of virtual or physical servers can be connected to the EVA enabling simple, secure and cost-effective storage consolidation and server deployment.

MPX200 is fully integrated with HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software to manage both iSCSI and Fibre Channel EVA connectivity. Additionally, the MPX200 is an integrated hardware unit racked within an EVA.
The MPX200 enterprise-class availability design provides dual hot-plug power supplies and router blades for no single point of failure requirements.
All MPX200 configuration information is mirrored between the dual blades and the unique addressing information which is stored in the chassis (Mac address, WWN, etc.). This provides for seamless blade replacement without the need to update zoning or configuration specific files.
MPX200 now includes FCIP functionality enabling customers to connect local and remote SAN's to do low cost remote data replication over IP networks using HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA Software.
Customers can deploy MPX200 to provide iSCSI and FCIP connectivity simultaneously. By using same hardware to perform both functions, customers save money on ports, SFP's, cables and rack space.
MPX200 now enables customers to migrate their data at a very high speed between heterogeneous storage arrays using a user friendly data migration GUI.
Unique fan-in/fan-out pricing model, allows customers to migrate data off multiple storage arrays to a single storage array or vice versa in a cost effective manner.
Customers can deploy MPX200 to provide iSCSI connectivity and perform offline data migration simultaneously.
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